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Jonathan Hayward

Jonathan Hayward is a senior Front-End Web Developer with serious interests in UI, Usability, and UX.

In terms of schooling, he has done postgraduate work in both traditional "technical" disciplines (math, computer science, and engineering), and "let's not forget the user" disciplines (anthropology, linguistics, cognitive psychology, as well as interacting with many cultures while living on three continents, and lots and lots of articulate writing). What this amounts to is not only a generalist with regards to technology, but a generalist with regard to front-end web development and UI, usability, and UX.

His greatest pleasure comes when he is in a position to reduce user pain, and that he does almost as a specialty.

Hayward has been programming, working as a system administrator, etc. since he was in high school, and made his website before the web went mainstream. He has become increasingly focused on Front End Development and the "let's not forget the user" disciplines.

And what that means in practical terms is Results, with a capital 'R'. Check his references; at least one may tell you he's a "technical genius", who delivers.

Please contact him to discuss how he might be of service.