Catch the Furball


Somewhere in a beautiful, labyrinthine realm, a furball is away from its home, lost and confused. It is up to you and your friends to surround it so it can be caught and returned to safety.

As you move through the realm, you will answer cards with questions to help you and your friends get to know each other better. You will see a picture of the place you're at, then below that a card, a map of the labyrinth, and finally the buttons you click on to move: a circle to stay in place, or arrows to travel North, South, East, and West. You can catch the furball by first surrounding it and second having someone go where it is. Don't worry; the furball doesn't bite. It's just a bit scared.

Enjoy the voyage. Relax. Explore. Savor a chance to travel and get to know your friends a bit better. As you travel, you'll get different cards. Respond to them aloud, so your friends can hear you: as you and your friends answer the cards, you may learn something new about each other. (And if you get a card you simply can't answer, don't worry about it. Just skip that card, and in all probability, you'll have an interesting answer for the next one.)

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